What we do

We recycle all types of plastic and polymers listed below and identified by their internationally recognised numbered codes.


We specialise in recycling post-industrial waste plastics covering a wide range of plastic polymers

Technical Expertise

Our experienced staff combine technical expertise with practical know-how.

Pre-production inspection and processing

We process incoming raw material by sorting, shredding or compounding materials, to enable second stage recycling. Processing all types of post-industrial or production waste into good quality polymer for re-use thereby saving on costs & ensuring customers receive a first class service.

Ethical Sourcing

Our raw materials are sourced from reputed suppliers thus ensuring consistency and reliability of the finished product.

Toll processing

We can also offer a Toll Processing service for the conversion of our customers’ own surplus production waste, thus helping keep costs down.

We can arrange collection of your waste from anywhere in the UK. Ideally these should be baled for ease of transportation. If you use, buy or sell any kind of plastic, we would like to hear from you.